Asbestos removal services in a hall by AAA Lead Professionals

Asbestos Testing and Removal in Ocean County NJ

According to the 2020 U.S Census, Ocean County has a population of 637,229, making it the 6th most populated county in New Jersey. The County was established in 1850 and got its name because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The Principal communities are Jackson, Lakewood, Brick, and Toms River, which is the county seat. Ocean County has such a rich history, and it’s not surprising that it’s an excellent place to live.

Asbestos Inspection and Testing in Ocean County NJ

AAA Lead Professionals has been servicing Ocean County for many years, keeping businesses and families safe from asbestos. The first step in asbestos removal is to establish where in your home it is harbored. That means conducting an asbestos inspection and testing. These tests are vital before any remodeling, renovations, or repair work. More so, houses constructed before the 1980s are particularly vulnerable to asbestos contamination. Disturbing asbestos in such older homes during renovation puts the health of you and your family at risk. That’s why it should be avoided at all costs.

The most common types of asbestos (white asbestos, brown asbestos, and blue asbestos) are odorless and tasteless. Thus, a visual inspection of your Ocean County property is usually not enough to establish if it contains asbestos material. Nor do we advise you to handle the asbestos problem by yourself. By contacting AAA Lead Professionals, we can safely remove asbestos from your home. Commons sources of Asbestos in Ocean County homes include Drywall, vinyl flooring, floor tiles, old carpeting, ceiling, construction wastes, insulation in your attic, and roofing. Our team will be able to visit your home to conduct an inspection and take tests of suspected asbestos sites which we send to an accredited lab for fiber analysis.

Asbestos Removal in Ocean County NJ

If asbestos has been identified in your home or business premises, you need a certified asbestos abatement company for safe and effective removal. The asbestos abatement team at AAA Lead Professionals has the experience and tools needed to take on even the most intricate projects.

We appreciate that every Ocean County home is unique; thus, we never take a one-size-fits-all strategy for asbestos removal. We will create a personalized removal plan specifically for your home to ensure all asbestos is eliminated safely in a manner that causes as little disruption to you as possible. Regardless of where you need asbestos removed – a house or an industrial complex – we guarantee that you’ll get the same quality service.

  • Environmentally safe asbestos testing and removal services
  • Asbestos removal techniques that meet the legal requirements outlined by NJ State
  • Use of modern equipment to ensure the job is completed on schedule
  • Licensed insured and have a verifiable track record.
  • Highly trained and EPA-certified professionals
  • We are in your neighborhood, so we can respond to your concerns quickly
  • Commercial and residential expertise
  • Fair prices and great value


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