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Asbestos Testing in New York

Asbestos exposure has major health effects that can be harmful or even fatal. Fortunately, asbestos and the hazards it poses can be abated. However, to do so, testing must first be done to determine the presence or absence of asbestos in your New York State homes or business. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are hard to detect. To the untrained eye, tile, pipe, or acoustic ceiling would appear the same as any other building material.

At AAA Lead Professionals, we are specialists in asbestos testing, which helps us ascertain if your property has asbestos-ridden materials. Our asbestos investigators are knowledgeable and adhere to the exact methods and techniques required for successful asbestos testing. More so, they are licensed by the New York State Department of Labor, Department of Health, and other relevant State and City regulatory authorities.

Asbestos is Too Bad for Your Health

When asbestos is inhaled, it can become stuck in the lungs, causing major health problems such as:

  • Asbestosis – An inflammatory lung disorder that causes coughing, shortness of breath, and eventually scarring of the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.
  • Mesothelioma – A rare cancerous condition that affects the chest cavity, lungs, or abdomen.
  • Lung cancer
  • Other lung problems – For example, pleural plaques, pleural effusions, thickening of the membranes around the lungs.

When do you need Asbestos Testing?

Great question! We are happy you asked. Below are specific circumstances under which you should have an asbestos test performed:

Before remodeling, renovations, or demolition: New York City building owners are legally responsible for conducting an asbestos survey on their building if ACM may be disturbed during any remodeling or renovation project. When you remodel, renovate, or demolish your property, you could accidentally release asbestos into the air. This can put anyone else in the surrounding at risk for asbestos-related health problems.

Older properties:  According to New York City Buildings Bulletin 2009-031, buildings constructed before 1987 require asbestos testing, regardless of how minimal the renovations are. Before the 1980s, asbestos was widely used in building materials. Unfortunately, even nowadays, it can still be found in schools, homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, churches, and other structures throughout New York State.

Before buying or renting a home: Before buying or renting a new home, perform an asbestos test to understand the amount and type of asbestos present.

Health concerns: You, a family member, tenant, or employee is experiencing strange symptoms.

Common Locations of Asbestos

Asbestos is not only found in building materials but also in equipment such as hairdryers, automotive breaks, gas heaters, steam pipe coatings, and coal furnaces.

When it comes to building materials, look for dusty areas, cracks, and spots where the material appears to be breaking down. You might find asbestos in floor tiles, tile adhesives, vinyl sheet flooring, resilient floor tiles, roofing, and sidings. It might also be present in patching compounds or textured paint used on the ceilings or walls.

While these are common locations for asbestos in the built environment, there are several other outdoor places where this toxic material might have been used in your surroundings. But that shouldn’t worry you; over many years of experience handling hundreds of testing jobs, we have learned that every assignment is unique, and asbestos can be hiding anywhere. You wouldn’t imagine places we have unearthed asbestos material in family homes.

How do you Test for Asbestos in New York City?

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you suspect your New York home has asbestos, you shouldn’t try to disturb it. For instance, if you find popcorn ceilings or vermiculite insulation on your property, take immediate precautions to protect your family or employees from breathing in airborne fibers. Then, from New York’s listing of certified asbestos investigators, choose an investigator you think fits your needs.

The EPA advises homeowners to hire an asbestos testing firm rather than attempting to test ACM themselves. Most established online retailers and department stores sell asbestos home test kits. But doing the testing yourself is risky as it could expose you or your family members to toxic airborne particles.

The typical asbestos survey and testing includes the following steps:

  • Inspecting high-risk areas
  • Gathering samples from suspected areas in your home or business premises. These areas might include insulation, pipes, and roofing materials.
  • Sending the collected samples to an NYS DOH ELAP –certified lab
  • Delivering a detailed report on the findings.

Is all Asbestos Harmful?

While some types of asbestos are more toxic than others, all are hazardous. Leading health agencies, including the EPA, the International Agency Research on Cancer, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, classify all varieties of asbestos as carcinogenic.

But notably, if your home has amosite, chrysotile and crocidolite asbestos, you are at risk and should have it removed immediately.

Cost of an Asbestos Test in New York City

Our asbestos testing costs are affordable but also depend on several factors:

  • Your property size: The more components on your property, the more materials to be inspected and tested.
  • Condition of your home or property: Depending on whether the areas to be tested are hard or easy to reach will also influence the cost of the testing and analysis.
  • Type of test used: Different types of tests are available for this purpose – air tests, dust tests, PLM tests, TEM tests, etc. Every testing method has its own associated processes and costs. For instance, friable material can be analyzed via PLM testing which is less costly; whereas non friable materials need to be analyzed via TEM testing and would be more costly.

We’re here when you need us

Asbestos testing usually calls for lab-testing a sample or a specialized analysis of the air quality in your property, which cannot be done accurately and safely by the typical homeowner. There is no room for DIY fanatics. It’s just not safe. Contact our office today. We are always traveling around our service area (New York and its environs) and can usually get to your home promptly.


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