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Lead Removal in New York

Your home is your castle. It is definitely one place where you can wind down when you want. And like any castle, your home should be safe and secure. That said, there might be a presence in your home that could harm your health and that closest to you.

We are talking about lead.

Lead was once widely used in construction but has since been discovered to have harmful health effects. If you suspect even small traces of lead in your New York property, you need professionals like us to address it as soon as possible.

New York’s top lead abatement general contractor

AAA Lead Professionals is a trusted removal firm that offers full service of lead testing, containment, removal, and clearance.

Lead removal should never be handled casually, regardless of how small or large the job is. It takes thorough planning, the right equipment, and a strict observance of the numerous guidelines that safeguard your family’s health and well-being and the surrounding environment.

Safety is our top priority in lead removal, and you can trust our skilled team to handle your New York property with care and confidence.

Risk of lead exposure

According to an American Healthy Homes Survey, 89% of homes constructed before 1978 are suspected of having lead-based paint. This equates to 30 million homes across the U.S. Lead paint is especially problematic in New York, where many homes were built before 1960.

Lead poisoning can have a serious effect on a person’s health, especially in young children. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), lead can cause:

  • Impairment of the nervous system and developing brain
  • Learning disabilities in children
  • Headaches
  • Hearing loss in children

In adults, lead exposure can cause:

  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Anemia
  • High blood pressure
  • Fertility problem
  • Kidney damage
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Muscle and joint pain

Sources of lead contamination in New York

Nowadays, the most common sources of exposure are lead-contaminated soil and lead-based paint that has deteriorated into lead dust.

Lead contaminated dust usually comes from lead paint that is flaking or chipping or when such paint is sanded, scraped, or disturbed during maintenance, alteration, or demolition projects.

Drinking water is another source of lead contamination. Your home may have lead piping or lead solder through which drinking water flows.

AAA Lead Professionals understands these common sources of contamination and is a specialist in the abatement of lead paint and dust, may it be in your residential or commercial property. Above all, we are trained in all OSHA regulations and safety requirements set forth by state and federal governments.

Note: Provided that lead paint is in excellent condition, the paint doesn’t constitute a serious health threat. The issue arises when the lead paint starts chipping or deteriorating.

How do you get rid of lead in an old house?

At AAA Lead Professionals, we provide a range of lead removal services, including:

  • Interior walls
  • Windows and window sills
  • Doors and doorframes
  • Flooring
  • Porches and fences
  • Stairs, banisters, and railings

When we confirm the presence of lead in your house, we first recommend performing a contained abatement. Just like in asbestos abatement or mold restoration, this process keeps the hazardous substance from spreading throughout your house while our team safely removes it.

Secure the area well: Using plastic sheeting to prevent cross-contamination.

Removal of hazardous material: Our specialists get rid of all lead-containing material and carefully dispose of it according to environmental procedures.

High-powered vacuuming: Every remaining surface is cleaned thoroughly using a wet-wipe method. Specifically, our experts scrub the air inside the confined area using a HEPA vacuum to eliminate any lingering material.

Post removal testing: We will conduct some tests to ensure your property is lead-safe.

Lead removal is not a DIY project

Unfortunately, some NY residents try to save money by handling their lead problem on their own; however, this is not advisable. Since lead is so dangerous, it is good that you leave the task to the professionals who possess the proper training and equipment.

When you contact a lead removal company like us, you can rest assured that every detail has been taken into account before, during, and after the abatement process. We will also complete all the required forms to be fully compliant with New York State agencies, such as the Department of Health (DOH), as well as provide record keeping of all work carried out.

Most notably, the RRP rule mandates that any firm carrying out painting, renovation, or repair project that disturbs lead-containing paint should be certified by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are licensed and EPA-certified, so don’t risk your health by performing a DIY while we are only a call away.

How much does it cost to de lead?

Well, this will definitely depend on the removal project at hand. However, below are some key factors that influence the total cost for lead removal in New York.

  • The size of your property (square feet)
  • The surface area that requires being addressed (e.g., size of the painted surface)
  • The method your general contractor use for lead removal
  • The complexity of the removal project

But again, costs shouldn’t worry you much. With years of experience, AAA Lead Professionals know the regulations well and know how to save where possible.

Don’t let lead substances cause harm to you and your family

Being proactive and avoiding lead dust exposure is the perfect way to eliminate the chance of any detrimental health effects. Allow AAA Lead Professionals to remove lead in your home safely, and efficiently. We have handled both small- and large-scale lead paint removal projects in New York, and we would be glad to handle yours too!

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