Mold remediation in New Jersey

When mold starts growing anywhere in your property, removing it safely and quickly should be a priority. Did you know that mold can spread throughout a building in as little as 72 hours, causing property damage, as well as health problems to residents? At AAA Lead Professionals, we are always ready to respond to your distress call and offer timely remediation services.

Wherever you are in New Jersey – Mercer County, Burlington County, Camden County, Sussex County, Atlantic County, Bergen County, or Middlesex County – our team of skilled mold remediation specialists will help your business and home function smoothly again. We use modern tools and techniques to detect mold presence in your property and employ EPA-certified chemicals to ensure the mold issue is a thing of the past.

Is Mold Remediation Really Necessary?

Mold is a type of toxin/fungus that thrives in warm, damp environments. Many people can quickly develop asthmatic or allergic reactions when exposed to mold. Others can develop symptoms like rash, itchy eyes, fever, wheeziness, and a stuffy nose. Long-term mold exposure can result in hypersensitivity pneumonitis, upper respiratory tract infections, and, in rare cases, even death.

Signs You Need Our Mold Remediation New Jersey Services

If you detect any of the signs below, consider calling us for mold mediation services

  • Black spots on walls
  • Water Damage and leaks
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Musty or weird smell
  • Breathing difficulties and allergies
  • Furniture remains
  • Carpets in rooms don’t dry out
  • Visible mold

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

Mold remediation is not a “DIY job.” It requires professional chemicals, training, and equipment. Treating mold with household chemicals and pesticide solutions can cause mold to spread and create additional costly issues in your business property or home, particularly if you are dealing with black mold.

So, as tempting as it might be to do mold remediation yourself, the job is best handled by mold removal experts like us. All our NJ-mold experts are trained on mold testing and removal procedures per the EPA and IICRC regulations.

What To Do As Soon As You Detect Mold:

  1. Turn off the fans, HVAC system, or other air-moving appliance in your home.
  2. Keep yourself, children, pets, or employees out of the affected area. If you have detected mold in a room, keep the door closed.
  3. Try to determine the source of water/moisture and take appropriate steps to stop the source.
  4. Don’t disturb or touch the mold.
  5. Don’t spray disinfectants or bleach on the mold.
  6. Call a premier mold inspection and removal company like us.

Our Mold Remediation New Jersey Services

Many building owners in NJ simply want their mold problem to disappear and pretend it happen. Publicity has made the mold issue a hot topic everywhere in the country. The local and national news and even prime radio show all delve into stories inspiring fear of mold.

However, this shouldn’t alarm you when our NJ mold pros are a phone call away. When we come into your building, we first try to trace any source of moisture that may be causing dampness – a perfect environment for mold to grow. Our NJ mold pros will also inspect and test for mold in places where it could be causing structural issues, like basements, attics, and crawlspaces.

After identifying the sources, we use powerful air scrubbers and specialized chemicals that destroy mold on a deeper level than just the surface, saving you time and money by preventing re-growth.

What’s more, we clean everything that was infected by mold, such as framing, fixtures and flooring. Other items that may require additional attention after mold infestation include carpets, décor, and curtains.

Lastly, depending on the level of damage caused by mold, restoration of subfloors, drywall, or other building materials that were removed, may be needed.

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in NJ?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of mold testing and removal services without first seeing the damage, cause of the mold, and the technology and materials needed to do the job. The most advisable way to obtain the lowest price on mold removal is to take action immediately. The longer you wait definitely, the more mold remediation will cost.

Always Ready to Help You Recover After a Mold Infestation

From New Jersey Basement mold removal and attic mold removal to bathroom mold removal, our team of NJ mold pros can do it all. Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call today, and one of our friendly and professional staff members will respond to your concerns.


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