Mold Testing & Inspection in New Jersey

The high humidity and heavy rains in New Jersey create the ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause health problems for you and your loved ones, besides making your house or commercial property uninhabitable. So if you suspect you have mold related problems, contact AAA Lead Professionals right away.

Our employees are well trained and certified to provide professional mold inspection and testing services in Burlington County, Middlesex County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Mercer County and other surrounding counties in New Jersey. They are familiar with most homes or building owners’ situations as they reside here too and know the recent weather patterns and climate conditions. Most notably, we follow the most cutting-edge testing processes to ensure New Jersey residents get the most reliable and accurate results.

Where Does Mold Grow?

You can find mold nearly everywhere, including the caulking of your sink, shower, or in the dirty clothes which have been lying in the washing area for a long time. However, the most critical issue when it comes to testing is the extent and type of mold you have in your house. Our certified mold inspectors will check every nook and cranny of your home, looking for wet or damp conditions. We will also explore inside cabinets, beneath sinks and tubs, in the bathroom corners, and everywhere else where mold and mildew tend to grow. Mold can also flourish in hard-to-reach areas like below carpets, above ceiling tiles, and the backside of drywall; thus, it is advisable to have a thorough mold inspection carried out to find all of it. Other common places in the house where you will find mold are the HVAC units, basement, attic, insulation, roof leaks, ceiling, and air duct areas.

Why Test for Mold?

Preventing structural damages and safeguarding human health are two vital reasons for having AAA Lead Professionals test for the presence of mold. When left unchecked, the spread of mold inside your house may create health problems. According to CDC, symptoms can range from wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, stuffy nose to more severe allergic reactions like shortness of breath, fever, and infections of the lungs.

Black mold has the potential to be exceedingly toxic. Approximately 500,000 spores are contained in a dime-sized area of mold. A mold problem in one room can quickly become an entire building problem since spores easily flow through HVAC systems and general air currents and cross-contaminate your premises. Our experienced mold inspection experts are always ready to assist you in determining what is causing mold growth and spread in your home or workplace.

When Should You Test for Mold?

  • After a flood, sewage back up, or leak.
  • If you see mold or smell a musty odor
  • If the attic, basement, or other area is damp
  • If people are experiencing allergy-like problems
  • Before you do mold remediation
  • If an ice dam has leaked into your house or business premises
  • Before selling or purchasing any house or property, particularly if you suspect mold was identified during a home inspection.
  • If you basically have any indoor air quality issues

Our NJ-mold Testing Process

When you hire AAA Lead Professionals for mold inspection and testing services, we inspect your building for moisture and collect samples to test for various types of mold. We will assess the issue, provide testing, and suggest solutions based on our findings.

Whether you have a humidity problem, water intrusion event, or a leaky roof, we will inspect, test, and provide an official written report to follow for mold removal.

Step By Step Process

  1. Call us to schedule a mold inspection appointment.
  2. We perform a visual assessment of your home or property.
  3. Our certified mold inspectors collect samples and send them to an independent lab for analysis. We use different methods of mold sampling:
    • ERMI Testing
    • Tape Lift Samples/ Swab (for swab test purposes)
    • Air samples
    • MVOC samples
    • Mycotoxin samples

Test results are received a few days later or, if possible, the following day. We help you interpret the lab results and recommend what actions should be performed for mold remediation. Throughout the entire mold inspection and testing process, you can expect full support from us.

Opt for Professional Mold Inspection and Testing: DIY is not advisable.

While collecting test samples on your own may be less expensive than hiring professionals, you will certainly not be able to obtain samples from all the hard-to-reach places where mold is potentially growing. Certified mold inspectors are familiar with the environmental impact of mold as well as the current practices and guidelines for testing mold.

A mare inspection alone cannot show how risky a mold growth/spread is. Only indoor air quality assessments and testing carried out by professionals like us can accurately point out the specific mold type in your home, determine if the levels of mold identified surpass normal levels, and assess the risk to your health.

In short, without professional NJ-mold inspection and testing, any inspection is simply a guess at what is going on in your house. Remember, having facts in the form of test results at your disposal is particularly crucial if you’re dealing with a situation that involves real estate transactions, insurance, or disputes that may end up in court. Above all, you will be among those who the local building code office and New Jersey Department of Community Affairs view as model citizens.

How Much Does it Cost to Test Mold in NJ?

You shouldn’t be afraid to pay for a thorough mold inspection. Mold is difficult to detect because it hides in dark nooks, cracks, and crevices. Actually, a suspected mold-related issue may not be evident to the naked eye in its early stages, but a professional mold inspection company like us will be able to conduct a meticulous investigation. Costs are usually dependent on the square footage inspected, the number of samples required, and the difficulty of the job.

Schedule a Mold Inspection and Test Today!

It’s impossible to get rid of something you can’t see, which is why mold inspection and testing is so important for the removal process. Mold samples must be forwarded to labs for confirmation, so never trust an amateur in New Jersey with your house or business premises. If you suspect mold in your NJ property, don’t wait to act; prompt action is crucial to success. Contact AAA Lead Professionals for a direct quote today!


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