Mold Testing & Inspection in New Jersey

New Jersey’s high humidity and heavy rains create the ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause health problems for you and your loved ones, besides making your house or commercial property uninhabitable. So if you suspect mold exposure, contact AAA Lead Professionals right away.

AAA staff are highly familiar with local building owners’ situations, as they also reside in the area. Thus, they understand the recent weather patterns and climate conditions affecting your home’s moisture levels. We’re resident experts – AAA Lead Pros always follow cutting-edge testing processes to ensure our New Jersey neighbours get the most reliable, accurate results.

Our employees are fully trained and certified to provide professional mold inspection and other environmental testing services in NJ (across Ocean County, Monmouth County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Mercer County and more). We also offer New York services and Philadelphia services.

DIY Mold Inspection & Testing Are Not Advisable

Trying to figure out whether you have mold and how to get rid of it on your own may cost less than asking a professional, but you won’t be able to identify and obtain samples from all the hard-to-reach spots, building materials, and awkward areas like a crawl space where molds are potentially growing. Even if you do, will you spread it to the rest of your home? How will you assess the health risks and decide next steps? Certified mold inspectors are familiar with the situational conditions of mold issues as well as the best practices for safely testing mold.

Mold inspections alone cannot show how risky a mold contamination is. Only indoor air quality testing and mold testing carried out by industry professionals like us can accurately identify mold contamination levels and the circumstances producing your mold issue, to thus determine if the fungi levels surpass normal, and assess the risk to your health.

When Should I Get a Mold Inspection?

  • If you see mold or smell a musty odor
  • After a flood, sewage back up, or leak
  • If the basement, attic or another area is damp or humid
  • If people are experiencing allergy-like symptoms
  • Before you get mold remediation done
  • Before selling or purchasing any house or property, particularly if you suspect mold was discovered during a home inspection
  • If you have basically any indoor air quality issues

What Are Mold Testing & Mold Inspection?

When you hire AAA Lead Professionals for mold inspections and testing services, we inspect your building for moisture and collect samples to test for various types of mold. We assess the issue, provide testing, and suggest solutions based on our findings. We also offer mold remediation services in NJ to solve your mold problem once its presence is confirmed.

Through the entire process, our environmental consultants use specialized tools like moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and infrared cameras to address any concerns present in the service area. This combined with the visual inspection are the first steps in preventing health issues from indoor air quality.

Whether you have a humidity problem, water leaks, or visible signs of building damage, we will inspect, test, and provide a mold inspection report for your mold removal professional to follow in the mold remediation process.

Our New Jersey Mold Testing Process

  1. Call us to schedule an appointment.
  2. We perform a visual assessment of your home or property.
  3. Your AAA mold inspector collects samples and sends them to an independent lab for analysis. We use different methods of mold sampling:
    • ERMI Testing
    • Tape Lift samples and/or swab
    • Air samples
    • MVOC samples
    • Mycotoxin samples

Test results are received a few days later, sometimes as soon as the next day. Your mold inspector will help you interpret the lab results and recommend what actions should be performed for mold remediation. Throughout the entire inspection and mold testing process, you can expect full support from us.

The AAA Guarantee

When it comes to air testing, NJ state doesn’t have mandates requiring it. But we always do it, because our goal each time is to perform the best mold inspection NJ has ever seen. That’s why AAA Lead Pros collects A+ testimonials across all our service areas, no matter if it’s for mold remediation, lead testing, lead removal, asbestos testing, asbestos removal, or other environmental services. Our team is certified across a wide range of environmental testing fields.

You can ask anyone about mold, but it’s not so easy to hold them accountable. In short, without a certified mold inspection adhering to mold inspection industry standards, any inspection is simply a guess at what is going on in your house. Remember, having facts in the form of mold test results at your disposal is particularly crucial if you’re dealing with a situation that involves law, real estate, insurance, or disputes that may end up in court.

Most importantly, AAA Lead Pros’ top-rated customer service is renowned across NJ. That’s because for each and every case, we’re dedicated to making a real difference in your life!

Schedule a Mold Inspection and Test Today!

How can you get rid of something if you aren’t even sure if it’s still there? That’s why air quality inspection is so important for the mold removal process. Samples must be forwarded to labs for confirmation, then test results must be interpreted. So whether you’re in northern New Jersey or South Jersey, never trust an amateur with mold inspections for your house or business premises. If you suspect mold hides in your NJ property, don’t wait to act. Prompt action is crucial to success. Get your free AAA Lead Pros quote today!

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Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold can be found nearly anywhere, even in the caulking of your sink or some dirty clothes forgotten in the washing area for a long time. In some locations, mold will give you higher frequency of exposure. In others, it may persist quietly, hidden for years. Our certified mold inspectors will check every nook and cranny of your home for symptoms of mold. We explore inside cabinets, beneath sinks and tubs, in the basement corners, and everywhere else where mold and mildew tend to grow. 

Mold can also flourish in hard-to-reach areas like below carpets, above ceiling tiles, and the backside of drywall. Thus, it’s advisable to have a thorough mold inspection carried out to find any and all of it. Other common places in the house where mold spores flourish are the HVAC units, boiler room, attic, insulation, roof leaks, and air duct areas.

Why Get a Mold Test?

Preventing structural damages and safeguarding human health are two vital reasons for having AAA Lead Professionals inspect for the presence of mold. When left unchecked, the spread of mold inside your home may create serious health problems. Read more on the possible symptoms of mold exposure and mold-related building damage that may potentially result.

Does Mold Spread Easily?

Yes, and it has the potential to be exceedingly toxic. Approximately 500,000 mold spores are contained in a dime-sized area of mold. A “one-room problem” can quickly become an “entire-building problem” since spores easily flow through HVAC systems and general air currents to cross-contaminate your premises. Your experienced mold inspector will always be ready to assist you in determining what is causing mold growth and spread in your home or workplace.

How Much Does Mold Inspection in NJ Cost?

Mold assessment, mold removal, and mold service costs are difficult to generalize. It depends on the square footage inspected, the number of samples required, and the complexity of the job. AAA Lead Pro rates are always fair and competitively priced. We know it’s scary to find mold in your home, and we want to be able to help, not take advantage. We’re also transparent: book a mold call to discuss your situation, and our team is happy to explain the fee.

It’s not worth the cross-contamination, health effects, or impact to personal belongings to attempt this by yourself. Note that testing is not remediation, which is the following critical phase in ensuring your home and life in NJ are safe, clean, and healthy.


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