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About Us

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AAA Lead Professionals was founded in 2009. Our company mission is to provide top-quality professionalism and the most trusted environmental services company in the Tri State Area. Integrity, expertise, and a seamless experience for you are our most important goals. Dedicated to solving your problems effectively, AAA Lead Professionals services the entire state of New Jersey as well as parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

It is AAA Lead Professionals’ philosophy to eliminate our clients’ headaches and responsibilities by providing them with full-service and cost-effective solutions to all their environmental cleanup concerns.

AAA Lead Pro Staff
Why Choose Us?

The AAA Guarantee

Why Choose Us

We understand how costly and complicated lead, asbestos, and mold problems can be for homeowners, landlords, and businesses. That’s why we’re committed to making it easy for our clients, every step of the way.

We make sure to explain the service plan for any project and answer your questions. Findings are reported to you so you understand your building’s situation. We never overcharge or suggest unnecessary repairs.

In short, our well-versed knowledge, punctual and convenient service, and wide background covering many hazardous materials result in highly satisfied customers.

Why Choose Us?

Our Professional Certifications

AAA Lead Professionals has performed a huge variety of work over the years, from small home jobs to huge projects. We have 15+ years of experience dealing with state and local officials. Our pro team eliminates any health concern or code violation for you, without compromising our superior quality standards. Leave it to the professionals when it comes to navigating the law.

All our workers and technicians are fully trained and licensed by the relevant agencies in each state where we conduct work. We carefully select the most appropriate technicians for each project.

Verified Professionals

Verified Professionals

On Time Service

On Time

Years of Experience

Years Of Experience


Are you having concerns about lead exposure?

We inspect for lead in buildings throughout New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia on a regular basis. If you suspect anything, avoid any risks of lead presence leading to negative health effects. AAA will get rid of your lead problem and make sure your building is lead-safe, in full accordance with EPA regulations (Environmental Protection Agency).

No matter where in the house we identify sources of lead (paint, pipes, water, air, dust, soil), rest assured we’ll take every step to protect you and your tenants or family from health issues due to long-term lead exposure.

Could there be asbestos presence in your building?

Asbestos used to be popular in many industries. Due to the health risks of asbestos exposure, it has now become very regulated. It could be in your roofing, siding, floor tiles, ceiling, pipes, or insulation. If you have an upcoming construction, renovation, or home project coming up that may disturb any ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials), especially if your home or business is older, ensure your safety by contacting our asbestos experts!

This isn’t a DIY job – don’t attempt it yourself at home without the necessary training and certifications. Asbestos work is heavily regulated, as it’s highly hazardous. You must hire a licensed contractor in NJ and NY. But don’t worry, the AAA team is certified and licensed to perform a range of asbestos work. We’ll fully take care of any asbestos services for you.

Are certain kinds of mold growing in your house?

Indoor mold growth could be anywhere, as mold spores are everywhere in the air. For example, your basement, attic, air ducts, pipes, shower walls, and so on. We run a full test and analysis for you to determine whether molds, mildew, excess moisture or other indoor air quality pollutants are present in your home or business. We treat excess humidity, as a mold issue often stems from a damp spot or excess water.

Don’t put your lungs at risk of allergies or potential health problems with mold exposure or poor indoor air quality. Our certified mold professionals can help!

Have you checked your indoor air quality lately?

We live in an ever-more polluted world, and our buildings are no exception. While modern homes and buildings are better insulated than structures of the past, it means our fresh air cycling and air quality work differently, as air moves through the structures differently.

We have central air systems, air ducts that get dirty, and bring in pollutants on our clothes. We’re exposed to car exhaust, mold spores, dust mites, and all sorts of other allergens. Asthma rates are increasing in the US, and the recent pandemic has shown the importance of sanitary indoor air.

All of these affect indoor air quality (IAQ). Purify your building’s air – get an indoor air quality test with us.

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