Asbestos Testing NYC

Asbestos Testing in New York City

Asbestos Testing in New York City

Are you planning a home renovation, construction, demolition, or maintenance project in NYC? All building permits in New York require an asbestos inspection and testing service, otherwise known as an ACP-5, which is especially important if you live in one of NY’s many older buildings.

Many buildings contain asbestos, which can get complicated if you need to renovate or do construction. When Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) are disturbed, especially friable materials like insulation, they release microscopic asbestos fibres which have negative impacts to human health when inhaled.

Asbestos Testing in New York City

What Are Asbestos Testing NYC Services?

If your building was constructed before 1987, you will need to consult a certified asbestos investigator (as per NYC Buildings Bulletin 2009-31). All materials that could be suspected to contain asbestos (such as tiling, ceilings, roofing, and so on) will need testing. For example, glass and metal would not need asbestos inspection. We can help you navigate the stress and confusion of getting asbestos clearance for your NYC home project.

Trust AAA Lead Professionals for your licensed asbestos inspection services and asbestos abatement project! Buying a home, demolition, and disturbed or damaged surfaces that contain asbestos are all common reasons people call +1-845-547-8009 for asbestos testing in New York City.

Why Should I Get Asbestos Testing in NYC?

Asbestos Containing Material in good condition can generally be left alone, but when you are planning a demolition, construction, or renovation, you need to investigate whether your project will be conducted safely and get an ACP-5 before you can get approval from the NY Department of Buildings for a work permit.

New York City has strict asbestos laws regarding forms and processes for when the building materials affected by a project may include ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). For example, even minor alterations like taking down a wall could need an asbestos inspection (ACP-5) to verify that no asbestos will be disturbed. AAA Lead Professionals can help you navigate what to do before and during your home project.

Why is Asbestos Testing Regulated in NYC?

Asbestos used to be a very popular material for building and construction due to its heat resistance and other properties which made it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Today, asbestos exposure over time has been found dangerous to human health, which is why asbestos-related work is regulated by US and NY law.

Some potential asbestos-related diseases that could develop with long-term asbestos exposure:

  • Mesothelioma (a cancer of the lining that covers certain organs, for which asbestos is the primary risk factor)
  • Lung cancer and other cancers
  • Asbestosis (type of fatal lung disease)
  • Pleural plaques and other health conditions

How We Test for Asbestos in NY: Our Process

As specialists in environmental and hazardous waste cleanup, we use the following methods to determine if asbestos could be posing a health risk in your NYC home or business.

Bulk material sampling

Polarized light microscopy is used to test mineral-specific properties in fibers. It’s our main method of testing, but we also use transmission electron microscopy when required. These are used to lab-analyze samples taken of suspected ACMs.

Asbestos air sampling

Asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye, so we conduct indoor air sample testing to verify that the presence of asbestos is not impacting the quality of your building’s air. Air testing is needed after asbestos abatement projects to ensure there are no residual fibers in the air.

Dust sampling

Tape-lift, micro-vacuuming, wiping, or scraping are all common testing methods used to collect dust samples. These are to test for small particles left on surfaces, as opposed to a piece of material (such as a piece of wall suspected to contain asbestos).

We will conduct the asbestos testing and inspection, send the samples to a certified lab for results analysis, and give you a detailed report of our findings. If there is no asbestos, we file a report stating the area is clear, or if there is, we can help remove and abate the asbestos before confirming the space is now safe. We can help with ACP-5 and ACP-7 forms – see the FAQ below or give us a call for more info.

The AAA Guarantee

Here at AAA Lead Professionals, we take the quality of our work very seriously. That’s why our testimonials are 5 stars across the Tri-State area for our various services. We offer top professionalism and punctuality, and every effort is made to match the best skilled technicians to each job’s needs.

Not only does AAA Lead Pro offer certified professional asbestos testing and asbestos removal services in NY, we are properly trained in mold testing, mold removal, lead testing, lead removal, and indoor air quality testing. Give us a call to learn more! We offer a variety of environmental cleanup services at your convenience for residential and commercial clients.


What is a NY ACP-5 report for asbestos?

An ACP-5 form is an asbestos assessment report required by the NY DOB, that states the work area has been declared free of asbestos by a DEP certified asbestos investigator. The form is also used if the project has asbestos that won’t be disturbed or is minimal enough to be considered a minor project.

When do I need an ACP-7 asbestos form in NYC?

An ACP-7 form is an Asbestos Project Notification form that is to be filed with the City of New York. It is required whenever you are conducting a project that will involve asbestos-related work or the project may disturb or come into contact with asbestos.

It must be filed at least one week in advance and is valid for one year. Any form of work that “will disturb more than 25 linear feet or more than 10 square feet of asbestos-containing material” needs an ACP-7, according to NY’s Dept of Environmental Protection.

Who is allowed to do asbestos testing and asbestos removal in New York?

Only NY-state certified asbestos investigators are permitted to conduct asbestos inspections and testing in any workspace. This is not an amateur job, and it’s against the law to attempt to remove asbestos yourself.

Homeowners are not properly trained on dangerous samples or asbestos handling and abatement activities. You must receive legal clearance for your project, validating that your space has been found asbestos-safe, or if there are ACMs present, that you have had it properly removed.

What are common places In NY buildings that may need asbestos inspection?

Asbestos can be found in a huge variety of building materials, particularly in states with a lot of old buildings such as New York.

Our NY-licensed asbestos inspectors can verify that your building is safe from asbestos presence in materials like:

  • Vinyl or other floor tile, ceiling tile
  • Glues, adhesives, and sprays for construction
  • Textured paint and popcorn ceilings
  • Roofing tile– Non friable exterior materials like roof shingles are durable and not likely to release fibers unless drilled, sawed, or cut. However, if you plan on conducting a work project that may disturb the material, New York’s asbestos regulations call for a NY-licensed asbestos contractor.
  • Insulative materials like brake pads, appliance door gaskets
  • Insulation on pipes and in walls, air ducts, boiler rooms
  • Outdoor siding, basements, attics
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