Lead Paint Removal NYC

Lead Paint Removal NYC

Lead Paint Removal NYC

New York City outlawed the use of lead paint in 1960, but there are still many homes with undetected lead paint out there. Now that NYC HPD lead-based paint testing regulations have been expanded to include all residential homes, you may find that you need certified lead abatement to get rid of lead on an NYC property.

Steer clear of complications with government regulations – get your required certified lead removal and clearance lead dust wipe sample from a verified and EPA-approved source. Amateur or DIY lead testing and removal do not qualify for passing standards set in NYC Local Laws! Read on to find out more.

Lead Paint Removal NYC

Lead Abatement in New York City

AAA Lead Professionals NY specializes in lead-based paint activities and environmental cleanup services. Lead removal is one of our top services, with clients across New York relying on us since our founding in 2009. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island, count on our trained specialists to get rid of any lead hazards and keep your NY home or business code compliant. We also service other parts of the State of New York, including Orange County, Nassau County, Westchester County, and Rockland County.

We do lead removal (lead abatement) as well as lead testing and inspections in NYC and surrounding areas. Other New York Services include asbestos testing, asbestos removal, and indoor air quality testing.

New York City Local Laws on Lead Removal

New York City has some of the most stringent laws in the country on lead abatement and other lead services. HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) now requires all residential homes to be tested for lead-based paint within a specific time frame.

If the inspection finds lead, the owner or landlords are responsible for hiring certified lead abatement contractors. All painted surfaces need lead testing services:

  • By August 2025 (within 5 years of NYC Local Law 31 of 2020 coming into effect)
  • Sooner, if a child under the age of six is living in or moving into the home
  • Between tenant turnover, before new tenants move in

Any ensuing lead removal must be conducted by certified technicians.

Our Lead Paint Removal Process

Some common places to get lead removal performed include interior walls, windows, window sills, doors and door frames, baseboards and trim. Other areas may include any painted surfaces, as well as flooring, porches, fences, stairs, banisters, and railings.

We make sure to keep the work area and dangerous materials isolated to prevent the hazard from spreading through the home as the lead-based painted surfaces are disturbed.

  • Area enclosure: keeping the work area contained and as separate as possible.
  • Plastic sheeting: prevents cross-contamination.
  • Removal of hazardous material: our specialists use a combination of techniques (such as wet scraping, wet sanding, etc.) to fully and safely remove all lead paint.
  • Work area clean-up: cleaning the area after abatement services conclude, including wiping down all surfaces, and high-powered specialized HEPA vacuuming to get rid of any residual lead dust.
  • Confirmation dust wipe sampling: ensuring your home is code compliant and lead-safe.
  • Detailed report: covering all findings and services conducted.

AAA Lead Professionals NY prides itself on leaving your home in top condition.

The AAA Guarantee

Lead testing, lead removal, and lead abatement work are specialized fields that require proper training and certifications. At AAA Lead Professionals, we’re committed to always going the extra mile.

Our skilled and experienced technicians are dedicated to supporting clients throughout the entire lead removal process, keeping New York City lead-safe and healthy. For over 12 years, AAA Lead Pros NY has been receiving 5-star ratings across the Tri-State area. We also offer services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut!


Do all homes in New York City need lead testing and removal services?

Yes. Although older NYC Local Laws like Local Law 1 of 2004 only applied to certain buildings (such as multiple dwelling rental units with three or more dwelling units), that’s no longer the case. Over the years, New York City has continued to crack down on lead hazards in residential homes, tightening the laws for NYC lead testing and lead laws.

All residential homes in NYC must be tested before August 2025, and in some cases, must be tested sooner. Contact us for more details on code violations and time limits!

Can I do lead removal myself in NYC?

No, you cannot remove lead paint yourself, legally or safely. You need lead abatement services from an EPA-certified company to do the abatement, according to their regulations. Without professional licensing, the lead removal doesn’t qualify for NYC HPD requirements. You must also get a third-party dust wipe clearance sampling conducted by a licensed company to make sure that the area is now lead-safe.

Without training, you’re not able to be sure to remove all dangerous traces of lead. For example, lead-based paint often is under several layers of paint. However, painting over it doesn’t get rid of the lead. It can still create lead dust and lead chips.

What are some potential health effects of lead exposure?

Pregnant women and young children are particularly vulnerable to lead paint hazards and lead poisoning. Even for adults, lead ingestion and exposure have negative impacts on health and development. Symptoms of lead poisoning and lead exposure can include:

  • Fatigue, nausea, irritability, headache, weakness
  • Memory loss or difficulties
  • Loss of appetite, abdominal pain
  • Pain or tingling in extremities (hands and feet)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Brain, kidney, and reproductive issues
  • Developmental, cognitive, and behavioral issues in children
  • Lower threshold of toxicity for children – ie they are more severely affected, at lower levels than adults.
What are common sources of lead in residential homes?

There are many sources of lead in New York. Nowadays, the most common reason people are exposed to lead in residential homes is lead-based paint, which creates lead dust as it degrades. Lead can also be found in pipes, affecting your drinking water.Millions of homes in NYC have lead-based paint hazards. Regardless of the age of your building, HPD now requires lead paint testing.

What if there's lead in my drinking water?

Ingesting drinking water from lead pipes can elevate lead levels in the body. Certified lead abatement services can help you safely remove lead-containing materials. Some tips until you can call lead abatement contractors like us:

  • Do not boil drinking water that contains lead. Boiling it will not remove the lead.
  • Drink bottled water if you can in the meantime.
  • Use cold water for drinking, cooking, and baby formula. Do not use hot water for baby formula, as lead dissolves more easily in hot water.
  • Run the tap for 20 seconds after turning it on to flush water that has been sitting in the lead-containing pipes.
  • Use a special filter to remove impurities and pollutants from the water.

You should have any lead hazard present in a home or office removed by a certified professional using safe work practices.

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