Lead in Pipes and Drinking Water (NJ)

Lead in Water Pipes - New Jersey

Lead in Water Pipes - New Jersey

New Jersey’s aging water infrastructure system is a problem.

Lead can enter tap water from old lead-containing plumbing and fixtures that carry drinking water.

At AAA Lead Pro, we’re dedicated to lead safety and public health. Here’s our guide to lead water pipes and lead in drinking water.

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Does tap water in NJ contain lead?

If you live in New Jersey, it’s possible that your drinking water has lead content in it.

  • In many places, NJ still has lead service lines for municipal water.
  • Your plumbing and fixtures could also be a source of lead in drinking water
  • Older properties are at high risk.
  • Lead in tap water is invisible, odorless, and does not leave a taste or residue.
  • You must get the water tested for lead to be certain.

How to test for lead in water and pipes

If you suspect lead in your pipes, we offer certified lead water testing! 

Our lead technicians take samples of your water and analyze the test results. We can tell you the concentration of lead in your water, then recommend next steps.

What to do if my water tests positive for lead?

Our professional water tests for lead include a client report detailing the case, which explains recommended lead exposure reduction measures. 

You may want to replace lead pipes and fixtures, depending on the severity of your water contamination. We can give you more insight during your lead water testing service.

Your safety is our top priority. However, AAA Lead Pro takes care to balance caution and practicality. We never promote repairs or procedures that are not truly needed.

  • Try this simple test for identifying pipes.
  • Remember, lead can enter drinking water from plumbing that is not entirely lead.
  • Have AAA Lead Pro confirm whether there’s lead in your water.

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Lead in Pipes and Fixtures – NJ

Are lead pipes banned in New Jersey?

Yes! The new use of lead pipes was banned federally in 1986 and in 1987 for New Jersey.

However, the cataloging and replacement of municipal lead service lines (LSLs) is incomplete. Many older homes still contain lead piping, faucets, fixtures, or elements, especially those constructed pre-1988.

Other types of pipes can also contain lead. For example, copper pipes often had lead soldering. Galvanized steel pipes can pick up lead over time and are sometimes lined with lead on the inside.

Lead pipes in NJ – safety tips:

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Certified Lead Testing

AAA Lead Professionals is a top lead inspection and abatement service provider in the Tri-State area. With over 14 years of experience across NJ, NY, and PA, we know the ins and outs of lead.

Our expert team is fully qualified with state and industry certifications. 

Trust the AAA Guarantee: reliable, efficient, affordable results. We pride ourselves on being meticulous and respectful for every case.

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What is a safe level of lead in drinking water?

Lead is soluble in water and accumulates in the body. No amount of lead exposure is considered safe for human health.  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Action Level” amount of lead in drinking water is 0.015 milligrams of lead per liter of water (0.015 mg/L), but their goal lead level is zero.

The Safe Drinking Water Act and Final Lead Free Rule also establish regulations for lead content in household plumbing fixtures to keep New Jersey residents and New Jersey tap water systems safe from toxic metal and old lead pipes.


  • Boiling water does not create safe drinking water if the water system contains lead.
  • Drink filtered water or bottled water if your water source is contaminated.
  • Always use cold water for cooking and formula if you have lead lines.

Get your water systems tested to evaluate risk levels.

Am I required to have lead pipes replaced in NJ?

Replacing lead pipes on private property: 

While you are not legally required to replace lead pipes in your own home, it is strongly recommended, due to the risk of lead poisoning. Take steps to reduce lead exposure from drinking water as well.

Landlords are responsible for issuing a notice to tenants if there is a high lead content in the water. Per DCA regulations and the Warranty of Habitability, rental owners may need to replace lead plumbing and fixtures.

For municipal lines: see the rest of the FAQ.

How do I find out if my pipes contain lead?

Use this lead pipe home test method for a quick identification of what kind of pipe you have. All you need is a coin and/or magnet. Beware of lead that comes from pipes of other materials.

Remember to get professional testing to be sure—ask AAA for help! Read more details on our lead water pipe testing services above.

For your local water main, see the next FAQ.

Who has lead service lines in NJ?

Lead service line map: 

See where lead service lines are located in NJ – your local water supplier may already have your service line type on record.

Not all areas have completed cataloging pipe types. Contact your NJ water supplier for the most up-to-date information.

Replacing lead service lines:

Your municipal service line will eventually need to be replaced if it is lead.

  • Gov. Murphy has signed a bill to replace lead service lines across NJ by 2031. 
  • The municipality will help with service line replacement and potentially the cost.
  • In some cases, the city may be allowed to enter the property to replace LSLs without the owner’s permission, though they must notify.
What do lead pipes look like?

Lead pipes are a dull gray color. If you scratch it with a coin, it leaves a shiny mark. Magnets will not stick to lead.

However, determining the presence of lead in drinking water is not always as simple as identifying a lead pipe. Pipes of other materials can contain lead in the pipe itself, lining, soldering, or fixtures.

As well, lead can enter drinking water from the municipal service line, which may not be easily accessible to you. The only way to be sure whether your tap water is safe to drink is to have it professionally tested.

Where can I find more resources on NJ lead?

Here are some great sources of information on lead in NJ tap water quality.

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