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Lead Testing in Philadelphia

Lead is no longer present in modern paints. Because of this, some people believe that lead is no longer an issue. But, regrettably, this is not the case. In reality, paint remains in Philadelphia buildings built before the 1970s is still likely to contain lead. This old paint may come off in the form of paint chips or dust, which can eventually create severe health problems.

At AAA Lead Professionals, we can conduct lead test in older paint as well as check for any potential lead contaminants that might have spread as dust to nearby areas. Our lead testing experts have performed countless lead paint inspections and tests over the years and are well trained to promptly identify and deal with related hazards.

Don’t let lead problems or other toxins catch you off guard in your Philadelphia home or workplace. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our EPA-certified technicians and receive a comprehensive estimate.

The essence behind lead testing in Philadelphia

Although lead paint is possibly the most common source of lead exposure, lead can be found in dust, soil, drinking water, and certain household products. It is good to be informed of potential hazards and protect your home – schedule lead testing services with us!

Pregnant women and children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning. Playgrounds and yards have elevated levels of naturally occurring lead, which, unfortunately, can be directly ingested by young children.

Lead can also be present in drinking water. Although there are regulations in place to safeguard Philadelphians from contaminated water, corroded and old pipes can transfer a significant amount of lead into the water.

Exposure to even one of the above sources of lead is enough to cause health problems. Now imagine if your household or workplace is accumulating lead from various sources. Keep in mind that today, it’s all too easy to come into contact with lead paint or other contaminated material through different sources. And even slightly elevated levels can result in lasting problems for your loved ones, making it important to take the necessary steps to minimize lead exposure.

Who benefits from our lead testing services?

  • Potential home buyers and tenants – If you plan to purchase or rent a home, you should consider our lead testing services before moving into your new house.
  • Landlords and rental property owners – Anyone who owns rental property in Philadelphia built before 1978 should have the property certified lead-free or lead-safe. After receiving a lead certification from a certified/licensed lead inspector, landlords must submit the test results to the Philadelphia City's Lead Certification Submission System.
  • Families who have a kid who has been diagnosed with lead poisoning - The city of Philadelphia has put a lot of effort when it comes to protecting children against lead. If your child's blood level tests hit ten or more, the health care provider will alert The Lead and Healthy Homes Program (LHHP). One of the people who will be sent to your home is a licensed lead inspector who will inspect and test all the painted surfaces to ascertain any presence of lead.
  • Homeowners considering a renovation or remodeling project - If you're planning to renovate or do anything that can disrupt lead-based paint or cause lead-based paint dust and chips, you should seek our lead testing services. This is particularly important if you have young children in the home.

Keeping you safe: Our proven lead testing services

In Philadelphia, a lead test can only be conducted by EPA-certified lead professionals like us. Our lead paint inspection and testing services are handy initial steps that can lead to more critical decisions on managing lead hazards. Through this test, we try to answer two general questions:

  • Is lead present?
  • If it is present, what are the levels, and where exactly is it located?

All painted surfaces are tested for lead using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology. Basically, an XRF analyzer is used for the quantitative analysis of lead in paint which offers a precise measurement of lead content. This is one of the non-destructive and economical ways to check for lead in painted surfaces. The whole process will adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the EPA and State and Local authorities.

DIY lead testing is discouraged as improper handling can risk the health of your children or people around. This is not considered a job where one can learn by watching YouTube videos – due to the dangers associated with making mistakes. Sophisticated safety processes and protocols have been laid out and should be followed religiously to protect all the occupants and workers.

How much does a lead inspection cost in Philadelphia?

If you want lead inspection for your Philadelphia home or workplace, consider the following aspects that can influence overall costs:

  • Size of Property
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of components
  • Number of samples

These are not the only decisive factors. So, only a quote from one of our licensed lead inspectors can accurately tell you the cost. Remember that older homes often have more lead-contaminated materials like pipes, walls, furniture, toys, or even the soil surrounding the house.

Contact us today for lead testing in Philadelphia, PA

If lead has been found in your house or business premises in Philadelphia, lead testing and removal services will be required to ensure that all impacted areas are dealt with safely and completely. Make your health and that of your loved ones a priority by contacting the friendly team at AAA Lead Professionals. We are always happy to hear from our clients.


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