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Lead Testing and Removal in Monmouth County, NJ

Monmouth County is nestled on New Jersey’s northern Atlantic Ocean shoreline. At 472 sq miles, Monmouth County is the state’s 6th largest county in terms of geographic area. It has 247,062 households and is home to around 643,615 people, 4.9% of them being children aged five years and below.

Lead Inspection and Testing in Monmouth County NJ

Lead exposure is hazardous, especially to small children. To protect this young generation, Monmouth County has an ongoing Lead Poisoning Program that focuses on preventing children from lead exposure. More so, the state of New Jersey requires owners of buildings constructed before 1978 to take prescribed measures to test for any lead presence. Remember, even what you may consider as low levels of lead can have a significant effect on children’s health, including slowed growth, lower IQ scores, hyperactivity, and more.

If you are worried about the presence of lead in your Monmouth County home, the best decision you can make is to call AAA Lead Professionals for inspection and testing services. Our team of specialists will test and identify any existing lead hazards in the building materials, paint, and drinking water. Depending on the results, we will then develop a few practical options to remove lead completely from your home.

Lead Removal in Monmouth County, NJ

Should our lead inspectors detect lead at your home, it doesn’t spell doom and gloom. Our lead removal process will ensure the lead is remediated from your home effectively and safely so that you won’t have to be concerned anymore. Improper lead removal can release toxins into the surroundings, so it’s advisable to leave this task to professionals like us. We use high-quality, specialized tools, including vacuum filters, respirators, and protective clothing, to successfully and safely clean your home. Some of the EPA-recommended lead remediation tactics we use include:

Replacement:  Removing the lead-tainted item or material and replacing it with a new one. This tactic is usually used on doors, door frames, windows, window frames, and moldings.

Removal: We get rid of all lead paint down to the substrate.

Covering: We install a cover over the lead-containing surface, such as aluminum trim, vinyl siding for exterior work, and wood trim or sheetrock for interior work.

Encapsulation: We apply liquid encapsulant to lead-containing surfaces.

After removing lead from your property, we dispose of the toxic material properly to ensure no environmental degradation occurs. Again, we may test for lead levels to ensure there are no traces. However tempting it is, it’s hazardous to remove lead on your own. Doing so without the help of a professional can put your health at risk. Lead removal necessitates careful planning, industry-standard equipment, and observance of environmental and health laws. Only an EPA-certified lead removal contractor can complete the task correctly and safely the first time.

AAA Lead Professionals we are known for:

  • Fully licensed and bonded lead remediation services
  • Lead removal services covering all of Monmouth County NJ.
  • EPA-Certified employees
  • Quick, accurate, and no-obligation estimates
  • Highly-ranked customer service
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Resolving New Jersey Department of health lead-related violations
  • Best prices

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