Mold Testing & Removal East Windsor NJ

Mold Inspection & Removal in East Windsor NJ

Mold Inspection & Removal in East Windsor NJ

Mold is a common occurrence around the world, and East Windsor is no exception. In fact, New Jersey’s climate has several factors which can increase the risk of mold issues in a residence, office, or commercial space. It can be found in all types of buildings, as long as the conditions for it to grow are present. Mold is at risk of developing with any presence of excess moisture or humidity, especially in dark or poorly ventilated areas. No building can be made completely mold-free, as mold spores are easily spread and present as a natural part of the environment.

Mold can easily reach significant levels of damage to the structure of your building as well as your personal health and safety, if not controlled correctly and within a critical timeframe. While you may be tempted to deal with a mold problem alone, calling mold remediation experts to conduct a thorough visual inspection and testing services during the mold removal process will ensure the mold issue has been fully resolved.

Mold Inspection & Removal in East Windsor NJ

Mold Inspection & Testing – East Windsor NJ

Any mold remediation project should begin with a certified mold inspection. With AAA, an IICRC-certified mold expert will help you through the following steps.

  1. Visual assessment:- Our specialists undertake a full inspection of your space, investigating the factors of its environment to locate possible mold growth areas and underlying causes. All findings (such as noting condensation and signs of past water damage) are documented and collected to analyze your complete and unique situation.
  2. Moisture mapping:- An in-depth moisture level analysis is conducted using thermal imaging cameras and digital moisture meters, creating a guideline to understand how water levels in your home vary and affect mold presence. This includes areas that can’t be reached without the use of tools, like vent systems, crawl spaces, and behind fixed furniture like cabinets.
  3. Sample analysis- As the East Windsor area is host to many varieties of fungi, our mold services cover full testing. Samples taken from surfaces and indoor/outdoor air using necessary precautions are sent to a specialized laboratory.
  4. Report of findings- Your custom assessment report will arrive within a few days. This summary will overview the findings and recommendations, so that you understand the severity of the mold problem. Critically, it outlines a plan to address each aspect of the removal process and steps to ensure mold contamination or regrowth is controlled.

Mold Removal & Remediation – East Windsor NJ

What is the difference between the mold remediation process and mold removal services? It’s a common misunderstanding that East Windsor residents have been asking us about since we opened in 2009. Mold remediation services refer to the entire process of certified professionals assessing and controlling a mold problem, bringing mold levels to a safe point. This includes addressing conditions that may encourage the spread of mold contamination, examining indoor air quality factors, repairing leaks, or restoring construction if necessary. Here’s what you can expect during the process with us:

  • Containment – To ensure the mold doesn’t spread, we seal off the space as necessary depending on the severity of each case. For example, installing plastic sheeting and closing off access points like doors, windows, or vents.
  • Surface Protection– Belongings and objects are covered and shielded from damage or mold contamination.
  • Air Purification – Cleaning indoor air within the affected space is critical to lowering the amount of mold spores present and thus potentially developing.
  • HEPA vacuum – Mold spores are too small to be filtered out by standard vacuums. Deep cleaning requires High Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums, which are designed to remove 99.97 percent of all particles that are 0.3 microns in size. They need proper training and handling to be safely used for decontamination.
  • Removal & Demolition– As almost anything can develop mold issues, the thorough removal of active growth sometimes means we need to remove or demolish affected areas like carpets, furniture, or drywall.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment – Your mold expert carefully applies a specialized treatment that inhibits microbial growth, eliminating mold colonies and preventing their recurrence or the development of new colonies.
  • Full Manual Cleaning – All areas that the mold inspection deemed problematic are completely cleaned. We use specific industrial rags, wiping, washing, and scrubbing as needed to clear the contaminated patches.
  • Re-HEPA Vacuum – After the surface is fully dry, we complete the second stage of HEPA vacuuming, removing residual spores that may have settled during the process.
  • Mold-proofing coating – To mitigate potential regrowth, our trained technicians apply an anti-mold coating to the affected surfaces to complete the cleaning process.
  • Clean-up confirmation test – We carry out a test establishing that the space and air have been fully sanitized, mold levels returned to normal, and re-infestation prevention measures are in place. All project work is then cleared, leaving your space clean and tidy. You can now safely occupy the remediated area again with peace of mind.

NJ Real Estate: Guide to Mold

If you’re considering buying a home, moving, or renovations, here’s what you need to know about mold. Choosing or upgrading real estate is a huge investment, so make sure you plan well, especially as it often goes hand-in-hand with life changes and milestones. Including mold inspection into your process from the start is one of the most critical factors in ensuring a safe, stable environment for your home or commercial space.

Mold from Flood & Water Damage

With the moist weather conditions found locally, and being situated by the Atlantic coast, New Jersey homes are prone to flood, water damage, humidity problems, and piping emergencies. Winter Noreaster storms can easily damage windows, walls, and piping, causing leaks and water damage, thus encouraging mold unless cleaned with proper guidance. With New Jersey’s humid summer temperatures and nearby sea levels projected to rise in the next decade, do what you can to protect your home against flood damage. If you encounter flooding, it’s critical to address the water cleanup immediately. Leaving the excess moisture to develop is the perfect recipe for mold. Left unchecked, mold will permanently damage belongings, walls, furniture, and even the structural safety of your building.

The AAA Guarantee

Your space and belongings will look better than ever after AAA’s certified mold removal. We only prescribe what’s necessary for your situation, detailing a custom approach to every job. Any mold remediation construction we do is explained to you before the mold removal, and we follow up with the results to ensure you’re fully satisfied. As the destination mold removal experts of East Windsor, we take care of your mold remediation project with qualified experience, top-rated skill and detailed transparency that beats out competition not just in the Windsor NJ area, but all of New Jersey! Our happy customers can vouch for us across New Jersey, New York, and the Philadelphia area. We offer a free consultation and are available for emergency services, to keep East Windsor NJ 08520 safe from mold and water damage around the clock.


When should I call a specialist for mold?

Don’t trust a general contractor to do your HEPA vacuuming or water restoration job. It’s not your average builder or construction job! You need a mold remediation company who can conduct accurate and quantifiable mold testing services. A DIY or amateur mold inspection will not be able to thoroughly check all the misleading or hard-to-see places with precise skill. It’s critical to be able to recognize the subtler signs of previous, present, or potential future mold growth, analysing the conditions of your home to create a plan so we can ensure occupants are living in a safe environment.

How can I prevent mold?

Regular maintenance of windows, plumbing, and areas with potentially high humidity (such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens) will ensure moisture content does not build up. Make sure leaks are prevented or repaired, and don’t put off any necessary construction, especially issues that may worsen with weather. Turn on kitchen and bathroom fans to mitigate activities that encourage excess water and steam. Duct cleaning should also be part of your building’s health routine. Deal with spills and leaks immediately, throwing out any soiled materials that cannot be cleaned and completely dried.

Is it common for mold to be dangerous?

Everyone’s reaction to the presence of mold is different, depending on the type of mold, conditions and extent of its growth, and personal sensitivities. Those with asthma, allergies, respiratory or immune issues, and other health conditions may have more severe reactions. Not all mold is abnormal, and the severity of situations cannot be determined solely based on identifying the species of fungus present. If you are concerned mold may be affecting occupants’ health, have a mold inspection and mold testing conducted to see if you need mold remediation.

About East Windsor NJ

Located in Mercer County, NJ, East Windsor Township has an estimated 2021 population of 29,823 people. Situated conveniently in Tri-State Area, it sits midway between Philadelphia and NYC, an hour’s drive from each. Only 25 minutes away is Trenton, New Jersey’s capital city. It’s a smaller suburb with convenient commute or travel access to bigger cities. According to the official township site, it was divided from West Windsor on February 9, 1797, after the residents of what was then Windsor Township couldn’t agree on how to maintain public roads!

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    What Our Clients Say

    AAA Lead professionals took care of my mold problem from start to finish. They were professional , knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I have been having a mold problem in my basement since we bought the home two years ago and we have worked with several mold remediation companies to try and get rid of the mold, it always came back 6 weeks later. It is now six month since AAA Lead Professionals performed there work and the basement is still mold free. We can finally start using our basement without having to worry about our health. Thanks so much for everything. You have really earned a five start review from me.

    Chavi Hoberman

    i had excellent experience with AAA Lead Professionals! they came down right away and took care of my mold immediately!! they are very experienced and professional!

    shani fishof

    Highly recommend using Joseph From AAA Lead Professionals, Joseph is honest and always has a smart approach on remediation, never had an issue with mold returning, great pricing and response time. Thank you!

    Sara Sicker

    I hired AAA Lead Pros to do the mold remediation in my basement. Within an hour of my initial call someone came out to give me an estimate and mold assessment report. Initially, I was not happy to find they charged for the estimate. Once I received the quote back that quickly changed. Lead Pros are extremely well priced. I’m talking a third of what their competitors attempted to charge me. They were also willing deduct the cost of the estimate off the final price of the job. I hired them on the spot after receiving the quote and they were on the job site within a week. As for the work itself, I could not be more satisfied. The supervisor was friendly and willing to ease the concerns of both myself and the tenants by answering an onslaught of our questions. Once the walls and floors started being torn down it became clear to them that to do the job correctly far more material would need to be removed than what was initially agreed upon. This was done at no additional cost to me which made it clear in my mind that they are dedicated to getting the job done correctly without trying to take advantage of their customers. The mold killing agent that was used was a green product so it was not necessary to vacate the premise during the time the work was going on. All contaminated materials were removed and hauled off site. Anything which could not be removed (structural support beams) were treated and encapsulated. They also used an air scrubber which was left running for 24 hours straight to ensure any disturbed mold spores would not further contaminate the air and job site. After the job was concluded I felt compelled to tip them for their great service. They wouldn’t even accept the tip! This is why I felt personally obligated to leave them this positive review. I am normally very skeptical of contractors so it is refreshing to find an outfit like this with integrity. They will absolutely be getting my business again should the need ever arise.

    Scott Santangelo

    I’ve used AAA Lead Professionals multiple times for projects we’ve done. We’ve had renovation projects with mold in the crawlspaces, asbestos shingles and tile on another project, and lead on exterior paint of an older house. AAA took care of all these problems in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Happy to use their services and to refer them to others.

    Avi Elbaz

    Department of Labor Environmental Protection Agency Department of Community Affairs Institute Certification 3 Years Home Advisor Screened and Approved IICRC Angie's List CMRS Lead Safe EPA Certified Firm Home Advisor 2018 Winner Home Advisor Elite Service Home Advisor Screened and Approved Home Advisor Top Rater ACAC