Mold Testing & Removal Point Pleasant NJ

Mold Testing & Removal in Point Pleasant NJ

Mold Testing & Removal in Point Pleasant NJ

Being essentially surrounded by water on three sides, Point Pleasant New Jersey is prone to wet conditions that encourage mold to thrive. Bordered by the Manasquan River, Bay Head, Point Pleasant Beach, and Brick Township, the median build date of housing units in Point Pleasant is 1964, making the average house 58 years old. Only 656 of 12500 homes here were built after the year 2010. Decades of exposure to moisture, flooding, and humidity means your pleasant NJ home may have an undetected or long-term mold problem.

We’re the most dedicated clean-up contractors in the TriState area, providing a range of services across the NJ area. If you are looking for a mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, or certified mold remediation company in Point Pleasant, call us today or complete the form for a free consultation.

Mold Testing & Removal in Point Pleasant NJ

Mold Inspection & Testing – Point Pleasant NJ

Before mold testing services can diagnose the species of fungus present, a professional mold inspection needs to happen. Thorough mold inspections follow a rigorous process. Here’s how AAA Lead Professionals ensures your home or business is safe.

  • Visual assessment:
    While a DIY visual inspection may bring a potential mold problem to your attention, our experts are trained in specialized techniques for checking all hard-to-reach places, such as within walls or behind plumbing. Condensation and other relevant details are carefully noted in a comprehensive report for reference and explanation.
  • Moisture mapping:
    To understand the environment and conditions of the mold present, your mold inspector creates a guide showing the moisture and humidity concentration in the affected areas.
  • Sample analysis:
    Avoid endangering your health. Let our qualified professionals take accurate samples using necessary safety protocols, PPE, and equipment. These samples are sent for specialized lab testing.
  • Report of findings:
    Scientific data will assist your mold removal experts in understanding the extent and circumstances of mold remediation services needed in your home.

Mold Removal & Remediation – Point Pleasant NJ

The first priority is to determine which parts of the job are necessary to prevent you and your family from getting sick. Once we can state the conditions of your property, the mold removal and mold remediation can begin.

  • Containment – To ensure the other areas in your home or commercial space remain healthy and that airborne mold spores don’t spread, we lay down protective materials and seal off the affected area.
  • Surface Protection– Have no concerns about your belongings or furniture. We cover and shield the objects in your house that need to be protected during the removal services.
  • Air Purification – New Jersey mold removal services should pay special focus to sanitization of indoors air, potentially including duct cleaning. In this wet climate, a Point Pleasant NJ home may easily circulate mold spores and thus contamination. We use fans, dehumidifiers, and HEPA filters.
  • HEPA Vacuum – Air quality cleanup continues with industry-specific vacuuming. Household equipment is inadequate for effective mold removal: only a properly-handled HEPA vacuum will fully filter out tiny mold particles.
  • Removal & Demolition– Mold presence can go unnoticed and cause extensive damage over time. In some cases, it may require demolition procedures or completely removing affected materials.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment – The team applies a microbe control agent to any areas in contact with or that may host the mold.
  • Full Manual Cleaning – Our certified mold contractors get rid of the active mold. They may approach this with hand wire brushes, electric sanders, or grinders.
  • Re-HEPA Vacuum – Any lingering mold spores that may have been disturbed during the remediation procedures are safely removed to guarantee your floors are safe and clean again.
  • Mold-proof Coating – The final detail in your residential or commercial repairs! The completed removal is sealed with a coat of anti-mold growth solution to discourage it from coming back.
  • Cleanup confirmation test – We do a final investigation to make sure the mold is no longer an issue in your house and resolve any remaining questions.

How Mold Affects NJ Insurance

No one likes to deal with insurance problems. Mold is the last thing you want to be careless about when keeping records for legal purposes. It can come from anywhere and worsen significantly if left unmanaged. Whether you are a business adhering to health and safety standards, dividing property during a divorce, or moving homes, it’s important to know whether mold is affecting your space.

Your home insurance company probably doesn’t cover flood damage issues such as extensive mold or wood rot that can develop when moisture is left unresolved. For almost any mortgage in a high-risk flood area, you are required to get flood insurance. Luckily, homeowners in Point Pleasant New Jersey get a discounted premium on their flood insurance policies, as the Borough participates in FEMA’s NFIP Community Rating System.

Flood & Water Damage Problems in Point Pleasant

This NJ area is so prone to moisture, humidity, precipitation, and seasonal flooding that the Borough of Point Pleasant has an official Flood Hazard Information Guide. The borough next to it even has a resource on flood insurance and emergency procedures for Point Pleasant Beach NJ residents.

As the borough is on a barrier island between several bodies of water and sea levels are projected to continue rising, make sure you investigate the flood safety of your residential or commercial building. That could mean lifting, sealing, structural changes, or simple repairs. We do water damage restoration across the NJ area. Beyond being potentially dangerous, especially contaminated floodwater, water damage can lead to mold, mildew, dry rot, and other structural damage that may eventually need extensive construction, such as taking out walls and drywall.

The AAA Guarantee

Have peace of mind knowing your technicians are guaranteed to put your health and safety first. We’re not just a mold company, or some random guy in PPE! While the friendly team is top-rated for residential mold jobs, our industry expertise covers a variety of NJ environmental services and cleanup projects in addition to water damage, lead, asbestos, and fire restoration.

Your free phone consultation can happen at any hours, as we provide 24/7 emergency services across Point Pleasant NJ 08742 and the rest of Ocean County. Customers trust AAA Lead Pros over other mold remediation companies across NJ, NY, and PA: we have a 98% Recommend Rating on HomeAdvisor! Check out our reviews gallery.


Where is mold usually found indoors?

Mold spores are airborne and can thrive on materials that contain cellulose, such as paper products, wood, ceiling tiles, drywall, insulation materials, upholstery, and fabric. Areas of a building that are frequently at risk for mold issues include your crawl space, air ducts, basement, attic, behind improperly done construction, bathroom, plumbing, and near air conditioners. Mold will grow anywhere there is excess moisture, even behind walls and paint! Check dark, wet, dank areas of the building, or follow your nose if you notice a musty odor.

What is an air quality test for?

A visual inspection alone can’t inform you fully about the mold conditions of your space. Air pollution and pollen rates are both rising, and can even be brought in on our clothes. But indoor air also creates contaminants: dust, cooking, fragrances, fumes such as cleaners or nail polish, and carbon dioxide! An air quality test is the only way to understand what’s happening with the air you’re breathing.

What does mold have to do with finance and insurance?

If you are in any kind of situation which has to do with legalities, courts, financial institutions, or where it’s important that you keep accurate and detailed records about your involvement with a space (such as living with roommates, office buildings), you can benefit from adding mold to your considerations. This could include buying or selling real estate, divorce, and mortgages.

About Point Pleasant NJ

A waterfront community of about 19000 people in Ocean County NJ, Point Pleasant is distinct from and has roughly four times the population of its neighboring borough Point Pleasant Beach. While the latter is almost entirely surrounded by beach, Point Pleasant is more connected to the mainland. Situated along the Jersey Shore, it only takes an hour and a half to drive to New York City or Philadelphia.

Famed for its boardwalk and summer waterfront activities, this pleasant beach town offers a quieter Atlantic coast alternative to bigger or fully inland parts of New Jersey. Point Pleasant Beach is a popular NJ boating destination. As marine traffic has right of way, the canal’s two lift bridges open up to 300 times a day to allow boats to pass beneath.

Fun fact: Point Pleasant was the birthplace of A-list actress Kirsten Dunst. Maybe you won’t find her there, but you can always call us in Point Pleasant, New Jersey!

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    What Our Clients Say

    AAA Lead professionals took care of my mold problem from start to finish. They were professional , knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I have been having a mold problem in my basement since we bought the home two years ago and we have worked with several mold remediation companies to try and get rid of the mold, it always came back 6 weeks later. It is now six month since AAA Lead Professionals performed there work and the basement is still mold free. We can finally start using our basement without having to worry about our health. Thanks so much for everything. You have really earned a five start review from me.

    Chavi Hoberman

    i had excellent experience with AAA Lead Professionals! they came down right away and took care of my mold immediately!! they are very experienced and professional!

    shani fishof

    Highly recommend using Joseph From AAA Lead Professionals, Joseph is honest and always has a smart approach on remediation, never had an issue with mold returning, great pricing and response time. Thank you!

    Sara Sicker

    I hired AAA Lead Pros to do the mold remediation in my basement. Within an hour of my initial call someone came out to give me an estimate and mold assessment report. Initially, I was not happy to find they charged for the estimate. Once I received the quote back that quickly changed. Lead Pros are extremely well priced. I’m talking a third of what their competitors attempted to charge me. They were also willing deduct the cost of the estimate off the final price of the job. I hired them on the spot after receiving the quote and they were on the job site within a week. As for the work itself, I could not be more satisfied. The supervisor was friendly and willing to ease the concerns of both myself and the tenants by answering an onslaught of our questions. Once the walls and floors started being torn down it became clear to them that to do the job correctly far more material would need to be removed than what was initially agreed upon. This was done at no additional cost to me which made it clear in my mind that they are dedicated to getting the job done correctly without trying to take advantage of their customers. The mold killing agent that was used was a green product so it was not necessary to vacate the premise during the time the work was going on. All contaminated materials were removed and hauled off site. Anything which could not be removed (structural support beams) were treated and encapsulated. They also used an air scrubber which was left running for 24 hours straight to ensure any disturbed mold spores would not further contaminate the air and job site. After the job was concluded I felt compelled to tip them for their great service. They wouldn’t even accept the tip! This is why I felt personally obligated to leave them this positive review. I am normally very skeptical of contractors so it is refreshing to find an outfit like this with integrity. They will absolutely be getting my business again should the need ever arise.

    Scott Santangelo

    I’ve used AAA Lead Professionals multiple times for projects we’ve done. We’ve had renovation projects with mold in the crawlspaces, asbestos shingles and tile on another project, and lead on exterior paint of an older house. AAA took care of all these problems in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Happy to use their services and to refer them to others.

    Avi Elbaz

    Department of Labor Environmental Protection Agency Department of Community Affairs Institute Certification 3 Years Home Advisor Screened and Approved IICRC Angie's List CMRS Lead Safe EPA Certified Firm Home Advisor 2018 Winner Home Advisor Elite Service Home Advisor Screened and Approved Home Advisor Top Rater ACAC