Lead Paint Inspection Brooklyn NYC

Lead Paint Inspection Brooklyn NYC

Lead Paint Inspection Brooklyn NYC

If you own or rent residential property in Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York City, you should know about NYC’s requirements for lead testing and inspection. With updates to local law and HPD regulations, all residential homes in NYC must now be found lead-safe by certified professionals.

This means you must have XRF lead testing and any necessary lead removal and third-party confirmation conducted by contractors like us who are licensed for lead-related work. Learn more below!

Even as recently as 2018, Brooklyn had more child lead poisoning cases than any other borough, with rates seven times higher than Manhattan’s, according to HPD’s April 2019 Report.

Lead Paint Inspection Brooklyn NYC

Our Brooklyn NY Lead Paint Services

We provide a variety of high-quality, professional lead services in Brooklyn.

  • Lead-based paint testing – XRF lead testing, paint chip sample testing, and dust-wipes.
  • Lead-based paint inspection – comprehensive surface-by-surface investigation, determining lead paint presence and its location in the home
  • Lead risk assessments – on-site investigation of lead paint hazards (presence, type, location, severity) and how to control the paint hazards (including lead hazards in paint, dust, and soil).
  • We also are able to conduct lead abatement and lead clearance confirmation dust wipes.
  • After any lead-related work, we provide a summary report with details of your project.

See the EPA’s Lead Q&A for more on definitions of lead services.

Brooklyn NYC Laws on Lead

All Brooklyn homes and apartments must be inspected, tested, and cleared for lead by certified environmental consultants:

  • By August 2025 (within 5 years of Local Law 31 coming into effect)
  • Even earlier if a child under age six is living in, moving into, or regularly spends time in the dwelling unit
  • Before any new tenants move into the unit (known as turnover)

As of December 2021, Brooklyn lead-based paint standards define lead as being present:

  • At 0.5 mg/cm2 or more in paint tested by an XRF analyzer or paint chip sample
  • At 0.25% by weight in a paint sample that cannot be accurately measured or if an accurately measured paint chip sample is unable to be removed (via NYC HPD).

We are New York City’s Lead Paint Experts

As an industry leader in NY environmental services, we’ve been keeping Brooklyn and NYC safe with pride and dedication since our founding in 2009. AAA Lead Professionals services all five Boroughs of New York City: Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island! We are also available in NYC’s surrounding areas and elsewhere in New York State, such as Orange County, Nassau County, Westchester County, and Rockland County.

Other New York Services that AAA Lead Professionals NY offers include asbestos testing, asbestos removal, mold testing and remediation, and indoor air quality testing. We also operate in the areas surrounding NYC and parts of NY state, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

The AAA Guarantee

Whether you have a single simple test to conduct or a complex project, we at AAA Lead Professionals NY are fully qualified to take care of it safely and efficiently. Our EPA-certified technicians are highly trained in lead, lead hazards, and lead-based paint work. We’re committed to causing minimal disturbance and leaving your home in AAA condition: clean, safe, and code-compliant.

Not only are we well versed in all things lead, with over a decade of experience in the Tri-State area, our company ethos values integrity and professionalism above all. We provide you with dedicated, high-quality support with no shortcuts or fluff. Everything we do is transparent and honest: check out our 5-star reviews and profiles on Chamber of Commerce and Alignable.


Do the Local Lead Laws still apply to my property if it's only one dwelling unit?

Yes, all residential properties in New York City are required to have certified lead testing and any necessary lead removal conducted by a licensed professional. Previous regulations such as Local Law 1 of 2004 have been tightened in recent years, especially with Mayor de Blasio’s Lead Free NYC Initiative.

What is an XRF lead test?

XRF stands for X-Ray Fluorescence. XRF lead paint testing means a certified test conducted using an XRF analyzer gun. The tool beams x-rays at the painted surface, disturbing the electrons. Each natural element reacts to this light a certain way; the tool thus can calculate how much of a certain element (in this case, lead) is present based on the reaction. Your lead inspector will then read the results.

It allows your trained technician to scan painted surfaces for lead presence even when the lead-containing paint has been painted over. This quick and non-invasive tool allows our specialists to efficiently test your entire Brooklyn home or business for lead-based paint and lead dust.

Why is lead dangerous?

Lead exposure is linked to negative health impacts, especially over long periods. As the WHO (World Health Organization) reports, lead is a cumulative toxin, meaning it builds up in the body. Lead poisoning means high levels of lead in the blood and body have accumulated and are causing severe health effects. Young children are more sensitive to lead poisoning, showing stronger symptoms at lower levels of exposure. There is no known amount of lead exposure that is defined as safe. All lead ingestion is risky and dangerous.

Symptoms of lead exposure and poisoning can include: fatigue, headache, weakness, anemia, kidney damage, high blood pressure, heart disease, impacts on the brain and cognition, and in children, developmental or behavioral problems.

As well, the New York City Department of Health requires all children to be tested for lead at ages one and two, as well as to be monitored by their health care professional for signs of health problems from lead until the age of six.

Where are common places in the home to find lead hazards?

The most common source of lead exposure and lead ingestion in residential homes and properties in Brooklyn and NYC is lead-based paint, lead paint chips, and lead dust. A lead hazard can also be present in the form of lead in soil and in drinking water from lead-containing pipes.

As Brooklyn and New York City is mostly apartments, pipes tend to be a more frequent occurrence. However, the most important areas are any painted surfaces. These often include: walls, window sills, door frames, railings and banisters, baseboards and trim, among other locations.

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