Mold Testing & Removal Toms River NJ

Mold Testing & Removal in Toms River NJ

Mold Testing & Removal in Toms River NJ

We’ve been serving Toms River NJ since our founding in 2009. It’s more common than you might think to have mold problems in New Jersey. Most of Toms River is on the mainland, with some parts connected to the peninsula of Barnegat Bay. This geography and climate meant it was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Outside of extreme weather and flooding, an everyday water problem or just extra moisture can easily cause mold infestations, especially as Central and South Jersey have humid subtropical climate through much of the year.

Mold can be anywhere. No matter what area of Ocean County or New Jersey you’re in, AAA Lead Pros is here to take care of all your environmental cleanup services.

Mold Testing & Removal in Toms River NJ

Mold Inspection & Testing – Toms River NJ

Mold removal services should always begin with mold testing and inspection. A homeowner will not be as knowledgeable and experienced as certified professionals at thoroughly inspecting the property for signs of mold. AAA Lead Pros puts satisfied customers first: we always go over the process with you in your home visit so you understand the work.

  • Visual assessment:
    A technician conducts a full visual analysis of your indoor environment, noting signs of past, existing, or potential mold growth. Specialists know how to deal with all the hidden spots an average person wouldn’t, such as inside appliances and walls.
  • Moisture mapping:
    Remediation services should include this, overviewing details of where moisture and humidity are concentrated in your environment.
  • Sample analysis:
    Mold sampling is important to understand how the type and amount of fungus present on surfaces and in the air affect your building. We use industry procedures to take samples safely for verified lab testing.
  • Report of findings:
    A full report of the team’s findings and the testing results are explained to you following your mold inspection. This document guides the mold remediation services.

Mold Removal & Remediation – Toms River NJ

Mold removal and remediation are quite common in New Jersey. Other remediation companies may take shortcuts, but AAA Lead Pros is a leading provider of mold services in Toms River because we take mold cleanup seriously. Recontamination is no joke – molds are persistent! Here are our steps for helping you and your family prevent black mold and health problems.

  • Containment – We restrict the affected area, sealing airflow as possible by closing doors and windows. Technicians may need to use plastic sheeting.
  • Surface Protection– A commercial contractor may not be as committed to covering and protecting your floors, carpet, and belongings with safe materials to shield them from damage as our experienced residential mold solutions team.
  • Air Purification – Improving indoor air quality is a key factor in a clean, mold-safe home, as mold removal is insufficient if spores continue to germinate.
  • HEPA Vacuum – We get rid of invisible tiny microns that are too small for household vacuums, using specialty HEPA vacuums. Proper handling of equipment ensures sanitary best practices.
  • Removal & Demolition– Construction, if any, is only on priority parts of your space that need repairs and restoration due to being soiled beyond cleaning or requiring full removal.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment – To address toxic microbes located on the active patch, we apply a residential safe antimicrobial solution to your affected area.
  • Full Manual Cleaning – To control the presence and extent of mold growth and damage, our trained professionals use manual techniques and tools like electric sanders to remove mold.
  • Re-HEPA Vacuum – Any remnant contaminants are addressed with another round of HEPA vacuuming, as spores may have been circulating during the removal process.
  • Mold-proof Coating – The removal job wraps up by sealing the remediated area with an anti-mold treatment to discourage recurrence of your mold problem.
  • Clean-up confirmation test – We evaluate your home or business and confirm that the mold remediation was successful. This can also help provide legal records, for example to an insurance company.

Mold: Does it Need Light to Grow?

You might think of mold as similar to plants, but don’t forget that it’s a fungus. So unlike plants, which all use photosynthesis to convert light into energy, mold doesn’t need the sun. In fact, the ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) in sunlight damage mold cells, inhibiting their growth. That’s why mold prefers dark places, like basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages, plumbing rooms, behind furniture, inside walls, and out-of-the-way corners. These spaces also tend to be more conducive to the conditions that lead to mold, such as humidity and moisture issues. They may also be less regularly cleaned, which can lead to a long-term undetected mold issue.

Temperature and Weather for Mold

Mold is found all over the world and can survive at a wide range of temperatures. Different species of fungi have different growing conditions, but they prefer warmth and moisture. This is partially because these also encourage growth of organic material for mold to feed on, as it cannot produce its own food or consume inorganic substances like steel. In general, any indoor relative humidity level (RH) over roughly 55-60% is a cause for concern and should be dealt with. Mold problems can occur in any season or weather, but rain, storms, or flooding pose the greatest risk due to excess water, especially in humid New Jersey summers. Toms River is a high risk flood area, so remember to deal with mold from post-flood water damage within 24-48 hours.

The AAA Guarantee

When you encounter a mold problem, get it solved the right way, the first time. Let us take care of your mold remediation project once and for all. We’re the mold remediation company that Toms River NJ relies on, because we put your wellbeing first. Don’t risk health problems and the structural safety of your building by trusting a casual amateur or greedy competitors who don’t care.

The AAA Lead Pros team is professionally trained and certified not just in mold, but a full range of hazardous cleanup services! Our knowledge and experience also cover asbestos testing, asbestos removal, lead testing, lead removal, water damage, fire restoration, and other environmental and biohazard cleanup services. Our clients have left us 5-star reviews on our guaranteed expertise and superb customer service from here to NY and Philadelphia.


How much mold is unsafe?

Essentially, it depends. Mold is naturally occuring everywhere, so some spores will inevitably be present. This is normal and generally harmless in trace quantities. However, not all mold is visible: your mold infestation may be airborne spores or in a hidden spot. The size and color of mold patches won’t fully indicate how severe it is. There are many species of mold and fungi, which produce varying reactions in everyone. Some produce mycotoxins, meaning they pose more risk to the human immune system.

Lab results from mold testing give more detailed insight into how dangerous the mold situation in your house is. Ultimately, the best way to know whether mold levels in your house are unsafe is to get a professional consultation, where we can take into consideration the type, amount, location, climate conditions, occupant impacts, building damage levels, and recurrence risk of mold.

What are possible symptoms of mold exposure?

Everyone’s reaction will be different, and also depends on what type of mold is present. Those with immune or respiratory sensitivities (like asthma), children, seniors, and pregnant persons may be at increased risk of health problems from mold, especially with prolonged exposure. Mold exposure symptoms may include coughing, sneezing, fatigue, red and itchy eyes or skin, and issues with the upper respiratory tract. Severe cases may have fever or shortness of breath.

If you suspect mold exposure may be affecting the health of you or any other occupants of a building, investigate whether mold issues may be contributing to the problem and contact a medical professional to seek care.

What can happen if I try to remove mold myself?

Unfortunately, mold spores are very easily spread by physical contact or through the air. You don’t even have to touch the mold growth to infect nearby surfaces. Therefore, cleaning it up should be done with the utmost care. Just circulating air flow (such as air conditioning, vents being on, people passing, or even open doors) can lead to mold growing throughout the house.

Avoiding contact contamination is meticulous: anything that could have touched or been near the mold during removal is now at risk for contagion. PPE such as industry-safe clothing and respiratory or eye protection is important to limit mold exposure. Proper handling of hazardous materials is best left to qualified professionals, saving you the stress.

About Toms River NJ

The Township of Toms River is a commercial hub for the Central Jersey region, and a popular residential destination for commuters to NYC. Just shy of nearby Lakewood, the Toms River New Jersey population is around 93,000. While the namesake ‘Tom’ is debated, this is a historical area and has always been the seat of Ocean County.

The Toms River NJ Halloween Parade is said to be the second-largest in the world. Both MTV’s Jersey Shore and HBO’s Boardwalk have featured Toms River NJ 08753. Toms River includes the following ZIP codes: 08753, 08754, 08755, 08756, 08757. This covers some parts of South Toms River NJ and Manchester Township.

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    What Our Clients Say

    AAA Lead professionals took care of my mold problem from start to finish. They were professional , knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I have been having a mold problem in my basement since we bought the home two years ago and we have worked with several mold remediation companies to try and get rid of the mold, it always came back 6 weeks later. It is now six month since AAA Lead Professionals performed there work and the basement is still mold free. We can finally start using our basement without having to worry about our health. Thanks so much for everything. You have really earned a five start review from me.

    Chavi Hoberman

    i had excellent experience with AAA Lead Professionals! they came down right away and took care of my mold immediately!! they are very experienced and professional!

    shani fishof

    Highly recommend using Joseph From AAA Lead Professionals, Joseph is honest and always has a smart approach on remediation, never had an issue with mold returning, great pricing and response time. Thank you!

    Sara Sicker

    I hired AAA Lead Pros to do the mold remediation in my basement. Within an hour of my initial call someone came out to give me an estimate and mold assessment report. Initially, I was not happy to find they charged for the estimate. Once I received the quote back that quickly changed. Lead Pros are extremely well priced. I’m talking a third of what their competitors attempted to charge me. They were also willing deduct the cost of the estimate off the final price of the job. I hired them on the spot after receiving the quote and they were on the job site within a week. As for the work itself, I could not be more satisfied. The supervisor was friendly and willing to ease the concerns of both myself and the tenants by answering an onslaught of our questions. Once the walls and floors started being torn down it became clear to them that to do the job correctly far more material would need to be removed than what was initially agreed upon. This was done at no additional cost to me which made it clear in my mind that they are dedicated to getting the job done correctly without trying to take advantage of their customers. The mold killing agent that was used was a green product so it was not necessary to vacate the premise during the time the work was going on. All contaminated materials were removed and hauled off site. Anything which could not be removed (structural support beams) were treated and encapsulated. They also used an air scrubber which was left running for 24 hours straight to ensure any disturbed mold spores would not further contaminate the air and job site. After the job was concluded I felt compelled to tip them for their great service. They wouldn’t even accept the tip! This is why I felt personally obligated to leave them this positive review. I am normally very skeptical of contractors so it is refreshing to find an outfit like this with integrity. They will absolutely be getting my business again should the need ever arise.

    Scott Santangelo

    I’ve used AAA Lead Professionals multiple times for projects we’ve done. We’ve had renovation projects with mold in the crawlspaces, asbestos shingles and tile on another project, and lead on exterior paint of an older house. AAA took care of all these problems in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Happy to use their services and to refer them to others.

    Avi Elbaz

    Department of Labor Environmental Protection Agency Department of Community Affairs Institute Certification 3 Years Home Advisor Screened and Approved IICRC Angie's List CMRS Lead Safe EPA Certified Firm Home Advisor 2018 Winner Home Advisor Elite Service Home Advisor Screened and Approved Home Advisor Top Rater ACAC