XRF Lead Paint Testing Services NYC

XRF Lead Paint Testing Services NYC

XRF Lead Paint Testing Services NYC

What are XRF lead testing services in New York City?

XRF stands for X-Ray fluorescence. It is a method of testing for the presence of lead, especially in old paint. In your NYC professional lead test, a certified technician will use the handheld XRF analyzer to scan materials which are suspected to contain lead or are required to be investigated under New York law.

XRF lead testing is quick and non-invasive, as the tool, resembling a radar gun, is able to detect even decades-old paint presence without the need to take samples or disturb the material.

XRF Lead Paint Testing Services NYC

Common Reasons to Get XRF Lead Paint Testing

At AAA Lead Professionals, some of the common reasons clients reach out to us for an XRF lead paint test in NYC include:

  • HPD requires all apartments to be tested for lead in New York City – as per Local Law 31.
  • Receiving any notice regarding code violations
  • Recently purchased real estate in NYC
  • Being a landlord or property owner in NYC
  • Your tenant has informed you there are or will be young kids living in the space
  • Applying for an HPD exemption

Although lead paint in good condition is less of a problem, it’s dangerous when disturbed. It’s especially easy for kids to mouth, chew, or otherwise expose themselves to lead flakes, dust, or residue.

Mitigation of lead-based paint hazards should particularly address:

  • chewable surfaces
  • deteriorated surfaces (where a visual inspection shows the painted surface is in unstable condition; such as decayed wood, plaster that has been exposed to moisture or disturbed, etc.)
  • friction surfaces (such as doors, door jambs, window frames, hinges; where the painted surfaces move and cause friction or abrasion in doing so)
  • and impact surfaces (where the painted surface is subject to damage from physical force or impact, such as denting or chipping; for example in places like door frames, molding, window sills, and baseboards).

A Guide to New York City’s Local Lead Laws

Of course, an NYC lead paint inspection should comprehensively and meticulously cover all relevant areas in your home or business. NYC HPD guidelines for required lead assessment are very stringent and detailed. They include:

  • The Annual Notice to be given by landlords and returned by tenants, regarding whether a child under the age of six will be residing in the dwelling unit.
  • The landlord or owner’s responsibility to inspect for and remediate lead hazards. When presence of an unsafe lead level is detected, they must remove the lead elements and have a confirmation test done afterwards.
  • Lead hazards must be removed (remediated) by a licensed contractor.

For decades, NYC has had various laws on testing for and safely removing lead-based paint, which was commonly used earlier in the 20th century. As the negative health effects of lead exposure were discovered, NY state has prioritized the prevention of lead poisoning, particularly for children. Young children’s developing brains and nervous systems are sensitive to lead.

Today, we have a number of government regulations that require a strict inspection protocol. See the FAQ below for more.

How We Conduct XRF Lead Paint Tests in NYC

As a leading professional lead services firm in the NY area, we have the experience and knowledge to inspect your property with all the details required by New York City and HPD lead regulations.

All necessary paperwork, affidavits, and reports required to keep you in compliance with the plethora of lead regulations in NYC are provided to you. We are there to provide you full support. throughout the whole XRF lead inspection process. See the FAQ below!

The AAA Guarantee

With over a decade of experience spanning New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, the AAA Lead Professionals team knows lead inside and out. Every one of our specialized technicians are highly trained and fully certified by the EPA and all relevant groups in each state we operate in. We hand-select all team members for each job on a case-by-case to ensure the most suitable experts are working on each job.

AAA Lead Pros has worked with a wide range of clients, from big industrial projects to smaller residential tests. No matter who you are or where you live in NYC, our company ethos is to always be punctual, polite, and dedicated to solving your needs. We also service New York for lead removal, asbestos testing and removal, and indoor air quality (IAQ) testing. We operate in NJ, PA, and CT as well. Be sure to browse our 5-star reviews and give us a call with any questions you may have about residential and commercial NY environmental services!


What are some potential symptoms and health effects of lead exposure?

According to American Healthy Homes, New York is the “least healthy” state in terms of lead, with a 33.2% lead risk.

Lead poisoning seriously affects a person’s health, especially pregnant people and children. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), lead can cause headaches, hearing loss, learning disabilities and cognitive impairment in children. In adults, possible symptoms include anemia, high blood pressure, kidney damage, memory and concentration problems, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, or hearing and vision loss.

NYC requires that children be tested for elevated lead levels in their blood at ages one and two.

Where could I be exposed to lead?

Nowadays, the most common sources of potential lead exposure is from lead dust caused by lead-based paints in residential homes. As the paint degrades, it creates dust that is easy to ingest or inhale, especially by children in the home. Lead is also found in contaminated soil and drinking water (from pipes).

Can I remove lead myself?

No, as it’s dangerous and highly regulated. The EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Program declares that any project in a pre-1978 home involving those (which may disturb lead elements) must be conducted by a lead-safe EPA-certified contractor. NYC’s lead inspection laws also mandate that only certified risk assessors and technicians are qualified to examine lead hazards, even if the building is from after 1978.

What are some relevant local laws in NYC regarding lead paints and lead inspectors?

As of the updated Local Law 31 of 2020, NYC requires XRF lead testing to be conducted by EPA-certified assessors for all rental dwelling units in residential buildings. This law includes a 5-year testing requirement, meaning all the inspections must be conducted by August 9, 2025.

The exception to this is if there is or will be a child under age six residing there, in which case the unit needs to be inspected before August 9, 2021 (within one year of the law taking effect), or within one year of the family’s move-in date.

There are also laws on the notices regarding lead risks (the Annual Notice) and whether there are children present that landlords must provide at the time of signing and resigning of leases, after tenant turnover, and with certain yearly deadlines.

Other relevant local regulations and programs include Local Law 1 of 2004, Local Law 66 of 2019, De Blasio’s 2019 Lead-Free NYC Initiative, Local Law 29 of 2020, and Dec 2021’s update from NYC HPD on Lead-Based Paint Standards (definitions). Contact us to find out more!

How does X-Ray Fluorescence lead testing work?

When the machine sends X-ray beams at the inspected material, the surface will release a certain amount of energy as electrons are disturbed from their orbit. The analyzer gun reads the energy emitted to determine how much of a certain element is present.

Your inspector will read the tool. If it displays 0.5 milligrams per square centimeter (mg/cm2) or more, the surface classifies as being lead-positive (as of Local Law 66).

If the XRF results are inconclusive, physical samples are taken and tested at an accredited laboratory. You must receive a detailed report that covers the following:

  • Identifies the inspector and their EPA certification number
  • Date(s)
  • All XRF readings and surface classifications
  • Identifies location of housing unit and samples taken
  • Lab analysis results
  • Summary based on determined lead levels
How long does it take to get lead paint testing done in NYC and surrounding areas?

While it depends on the size and structure of your building, as well as the state and age of your property, we are able to deliver lead paint testing, often within the same day or a few hours! Contact a AAA Lead Pro team member to learn more.

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